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Safety instructions

The motor may only be operated after reading these safety instructions, failing to do so might cause serious harm.

  • Do not operate a blind which in any way is damaged
  • Charging of battery operated blinds, only with suitable chargers
  • only operate the blind within the prescribed environmental situation
  • the motor may only be used in combination with the recommended and suitable power source, originally supplied with the blind.
  • A remote control is considered NOT to be a children's toy
  • window decoration motors should be replaced when the rated cycle limitation is reached
warning drop
Never drop the motor!
warning drop
Never drill into the motor!
warning drop
Do not immerse into liquid!
warning drop
Avoid collisions!


  • What is the minimum required iOS and Android version the app can run on ?

    • On Android the minimum requirement is 5.
    • On iOS the minimum requirement is version 8.

about your blinds/shades

  • How many time schedules can a shade have?

    A shade can store 69 individual time schedules.

  • How many shades can be controlled by one Ease remote?

    Each group in a remote can control 10 Ease shades. However, the total number of allowed shades per remote is 16.

  • When i try to teach-in my shade, i cannot find it with the app.

    Make sure the motor LED is blinking orange every 10 seconds. If not:

    • The blind could be sleeping. Press the blind button once and see if the LED starts blinking every 10 seconds. Try teaching in again.
    • The blind might need to be unpaired: Go here. Try adding it to the HmIP network again.
  • I can't read the QR code with my smartphone camera. How to teach in a new device? You can also manually type in the last 4 digits of the SGTIN code

  • Can I adjust the end limit settings of a blind when needed at installation

    Yes you can adjust top- and bottom limits using the Homematic IP app. please go to ref guide: adjust limits

  • My internet connection isn't working. Can I still use my blind?

    If you have your blind coupled to a remote (HmIP or Ease) you can operate it, or you can use the motor button.

  • Can the blind/Shade be used in humid conditions or can it be installed in direct sunlight.

    electrical devices are not particularly suited to be used in humid conditions, neither are electrical powered blinds. Direct sunlight will be less of a problem. datasheet temperatures give the max and minimum temperatures for use of our ease motors and power sources.

  • How many blind operations can I achieve from a fully charged battery?

    The life expectancy on one charge of the battery depends on the blind size and fabric type. Most blinds go on 1 charge a year. (one up-and-down movement a day)

  • How long does the Li-ion battery take to re-charge fully?

    Depending on the charger used ( using factory supplied version ) it will need 3-4 hours. (In principle all chargers which are 12.6V - 1A or 2A suitable for Li-ion batteries can be used.)

  • What do the LED light sequences mean?

    please see the chapter in the datasheet of the used motor Datasheet

  • How many remotes can I put in a room.

    The maximiun amount of remotes you can put in a room is two. But it is possible to control blinds with a remote that are not in the same room.

  • When returning a blind for service reasons, always remove it from your HmIP app and return it including the matching SGTIN label (QR-code).

  • In rare cases we have seen computer monitor screens, recent and old provide interference when operating your blinds.

    To rule out that your monitor or Television screen is a source of interference, turn them off and try operating your blinds again.


  • Can a motor be fitted on the left or right hand side?

    Yes, every ease HmIP motor can be programmed regardless of which side it is mounted in the blind. When using the fabricator tool to program the blind you will be prompted to configure the downward direction of the shade.

  • Will the motor have a roll back option to relieve tension on both the cords and fabric

    During the pogramming process the motor needs to hit its hard upper limit. The fab. tool program will automatically release the tension on the cords and fabric, following this it's possible to adjust this manually.

  • After calibrating both the OPEN/ CLOSE, the LED blinks ORANGE when testing the blind. Why is this?

    The blind is advertising itself to a HmIP network. It will stop after 3 min or when power plug is mounted.

  • Are there special shipping requirements for blinds with Li-ion batteries installed in the blind?

    Yes you can send 2 to 4 blinds with Li-ion batteries inside if packed in 2 boxes without any UN3481 marking. Anything above that needs UN3481 marking.

Important notice

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