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Quickstart guide - Remote



This guide will help you get started with your EASE installation.


A remote control is not considered to be a children's toy.

Install the access point


Connect your access point to your router using the provided network cable and power it up

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Install the HomematicIP app from Apple App Store or Google Play




Start the app and follow the on-screen instructions to finish setting up the access point.

Join a remote


With each product you have a QR code sticker. Make sure you have it available

Keep the sticker in a safe location. Never throw it away !



Place the Batteries in the battery compartment.


After approximately 10 seconds the Home button LED will start blinking orange.


Press bottom right More button



Select Teach-in device.

The app will now start looking for new devices.

Verify the LED is blinking ORANGE every 10 seconds.If the Remote has gone to sleep (after 3 minutes of inactivity after powering up the device), wake it up by pressing the Home button on the remote.


Follow the instructions in the app to finish the installation.


You have now arrived at the Main Menu

Add shades to the remote


From the Main menu select Device overview


Select the remote control


Select a Button, and then select Remote - Group to add blinds.


Press + button and select a blind from the list.

Repeat this step to add more blinds.


Press done (IOS) or back arrow (Android).

Configuration data will now be transferred to the blinds


Press the Home button on the remote.

the configuration data will be transferred to the remote, the home button will blink orange while the data is being transferred

The remote control is ready for use after the configuration data has been transferred to all connected blinds!

Remote control buttons

button overview

Group buttons

  • Select a group by pressing a group button (1,2,3 or 4). The selected group lights up orange. It is possible to select multiple groups (like 1 and 3).
  • To de-select a group, press the group button again. Orange light is off.

Home/System button

  • Press home button to select all groups at once.
  • When operating one or more shades the color of the home button provides feedback on the operation:

    • Orange : Sending a command.
    • Green : Operation successful.
    • Red : An error has occurred.

Favorite position

  • Press this button to send shades to their configured favorite position. (Only shades in selected groups are activated.)

Control buttons

All control button operate on shades that are in selected groups.

  • Open: Move shade in open direction.
  • Close: Move shade in close direction.
  • Stop: Stop shade.
  • Tilt open: Depending on shade type, this will tilt vanes, move a small step or move a second rail.
  • Tilt close: Depending on shade type, this will tilt vanes, move a small step or move a second rail.

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