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Fabtool installation

The Fabricator tool is software to program EASE and PowerView shades. It allows for identity and end-limit settings.

The software runs on both a windows 10 64 bit computer and a Ubuntu 18.04 linux 64 bit computer.

The fabricator tool can program PowerView generation 1, Ease and Bliss device Depending on system the following hardware is required.

Fabtool manager

To install the Fabtool you need to install the Fabtool manager. Go here for installation instructions.


After the fabtool is configured the fabricator tool can be installed.

Installation using internet connection

  • Open a terminal, dos prompt or Powershell and enter:

Opening a shell

To open a shell on windows:

  • click windows bottom left icon.
  • start typing powershell <enter>
  • A shell should open.

To open a shell on linux:

  • click <ALT><F2> and a small text window will open. Start typing term and enter.
  • A shell should now open
fab install download  # this will download, decrypt and install the fabricator tool

fab bootstrap # this will bootstrap the application. It will also copy shortcuts to the desktop.

Installation with local binary

For larger deployments or when an internet connection is not available a binary can be downloaded first and installed manually:

  • Download the binary

    Linux : download

    windows: download

  • From your console/terminal:

    fab install from-file <binary location>


The fabtool runs on a personal computer with Windows10 or Linux 18.04 installed. Optionally a touch screen can be used as the tool supports controlling by touch.

The Fabricator is able to program motors from a variety of platforms (like EASE, PowerView and Bliss) Each system requires a different extra devices, like hardware required to communicate with a motor. Per system the requirements are described below.

Hardware PowerView EASE Bliss REMARK
Keypad x x x keypad Optional
PV dongle x pvdongle
EASE dongle x dongle
Bluetooth x Either by external dongle or integrated in the computer
Barcode scanner x x scanner


Be aware that any of the above pieces of hardware are USB devices. Make sure your computer has enough USB ports available.

  • For the EASE system go here
  • For the PowerView system go here

Ease Hardware


Only follow these instructions when you will be using the EASE system.

Follow these instructions to setup a pc for programming EASE products.

EASE Barcode scanner

All barcode scanners should act as a device connected to a serial port. Currently supported scanners:

  • Honeywell Xenon 1900/1910 series (USB)
  • ZEBRA DS2208 (USB)



For the right settings scan the following barcode with the scanner.

Honeywell Xenon 1900/1910 series




EASE dongle driver

Required for communicating with the EASE blinds.


More info here

Windows Installation

Download the dongle windows driver from here

  • Extract the zip to your local machine.
  • In your setup go to Device manager
  • Select the hmip-dongle in the Ports list
  • Select Update Driver and choose the location where you extracted the downloaded driver.

Linux Installation

Go here for instructions.



Only follow these instructions when you will be using the PowerView system.

The Generation 1 powerview system requires a USB dongle to communicate with powerview blinds. On both our supported systems (windows 10 and Linux) no additional driver is required.

If you are using a computer which has the old powerview programmer installed follow the following procedure below to disable the old program (This is only relevant for LINUX installations):

Open a terminal session

sudo systemctl stop nordic
sudo systemctl disable nordic
sudo rm /lib/systemd/system/nordic.service

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

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