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PowerView® Serial API


The serial API is for hub gen1 only. hub gen2 onwards will only support the above described http API

You will need a separate Serial connection cable for a serial connection to the Hub (sold separately).

serial cable

Pin Signal Direction Description
2 RDX to computer Receive data
3 TDX from computer Transmit data
5 GND . Ground
  • COM port settings: speed: 9600, stop bit: 1, Parity: None.
  • Each request to the Hub begins with a ? followed by a two-character ASCII command. Each successful response from the Hub begins with a ! followed by the same two ASCII characters.
  • All messages are terminated with a carriage return x0D. In this document a carriage return is designated as <cr>
  • Scene and Room identifiers are transmitted as an ASCII string representing an integer value ranging from zero (0) to 65535.
  • Names of Scenes and Rooms are always located as the last parameter of a response and may include spaces.

Request scene count

To retrieve the list of Scenes that have been configured and stored in the PowerView® Hub, a request is first sent to the Hub requesting the total number of Scenes stored

serial command

?SC <cr>

Hub response

!SC <count> //the number of scenes programmed in the hub.

Request a Scene Object

Specific information about each individual Scene may be retrieved by sending a series of requests to the Hub. Each request includes an index within a range from one (1) to the total scene count.

serial command

?SO <index> <cr>

Hub response

!SO <index> <scene ID> <room ID> <name>

Request list of scene objects

Specific information about all Scenes may be retrieved by sending a single request to the Hub.

serial command

?SL <cr>

Hub response

<scene1 ID> <roomX ID> <name1>
<scene2 ID> <roomY ID> <name2>
<scene3 ID> <roomZ ID> <name3>

Execute one or more scenes

A list from one (1) to 28 Scenes may be executed using a single command.

serial command

?SE <scene ID 1> <scene ID 2> ...<scene ID 28> <cr>

Hub response


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